Mikrotik Router Backup and Restore Manually


Mikrotik RouterOS backup feature allows us to save router’s current configuration. Then we can use the backup file to restore your configuration on the same device or different device with the same model, if any problem occurs. It is important to take regular backup in case of current router failure and you lose your current settings.

Two ways you can take two different backup file of your Mikrotik router.

  • One is .backup
  • Other is .rsc.

.backup files are not editable and it is binary file. It is proprietary to RouterOS. You can’t view the configuration in it. If you restore file on the same device or same model in different device, .backup files are the best way to do backups.

But if you want to upgrade router and want to give backup to new router from your old router, you must take .rsc backup file. .rsc files are editable text file. So, if you want to take few units from your old router, you can take that part too. It is possible if you have .rsc file.

So, today we will see how to take backup manually and restore in case of router failure. We will see creating .backup file first. It is very simple.

Saving .backup file:

We will go to files section. There is a backup button. Just click on it and see there will be .backup file created.

Taking backup from Mikrotik files menu.

Now select the backup file and copy it. Paste it in your hard drive. Keep it safe for future use.

Copy backup file to store in PC

Restoring .backup file:

To restore backup file, first we upload the file to files section. Copy the backup files from HDD and go to files section. Select the backup file and click on restore button. This will restore backup file in our Mikrotik router.

Saving .rsc backup:

Now we will see how to take .rsc the text file backup.

  • Go to terminal.
  • Write a simple command:

         /export files=Core_RT_180519.

Taking backup with command line
  • Press enter and you will see there is a .rsc file created in mikrotik files menu.

You can take specific configuration by this command too. All you have to do is to go to that menu from Mikrotik Router terminal and execute the export command.

Suppose you want to take firewall NAT configuration backup that you might want to implement it to other Mikrotik router.

  • Type these below two command to create .rsc backup for specific NAT configuration.

             [admin@Core-RT]> ip firewall nat
            [admin@Core-RT] /ip firewall nat> export file=nat


Follow above steps, and you will able take backup of your Mikrotik Router easily.

Video Tutorial:


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