8 Steps to Configure any WiFi Router

Follow these 8 steps to configure any WiFi Router:

1. (i) WAN IP details: Provided by ISP/Internet Provider:
WAN/Internet IP address, Subnet Mask, Default gateway address
(ii)DNS (Primary and secondary): Provided by ISP/Internet Provider:
DNS1: x.x.x.xDNS2: x.x.x.x
2. Private LAN IP details (with DHCP enabled): or
(Keep the default)
3. (i) DHCP Settings: Is DHCP enabled on the LAN:  

Yes  /  No (For WiFi: Yes / For AP: No)

(ii) Input DNS IP (Primary and secondary) on LAN DHCP settings: Provided by ISP/Internet Provider:
DNS1: x.x.x.xDNS2: x.x.x.x
4. Wireless settings: 1. SSID/WiFi Name: [Anything you like; i.e Common-Room-WIFI]

2. Channel: 1 or 6 or 11
3. Channel Width: Auto
4. Channel/Network mode: 11b/g/n or default

#Enable SSID broadcast


5. Wireless security:


  1. Security mode: WPA/WPA2 Personal
  2. Encryption: AES
  3. Password: [As per client request]
6. Change Remote Management Port (Default port is 80):



  1. Enable remote management
  2. Change Port to 8088 [Any port other than default port 80]
  3. Remote Management IP Address: or select any
7. Change Router login user and password:


User: admin, password: [put password to access router interface]
8. Time settings: Time zone: GMT +6 (Alma-Ata/Astana/Dhaka) or Select your time zone


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