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IP blacklist:

IP could be blacklisted for many reason. If you broadcast spam or you have an infected PC, your IP could be blacklisted. And, when IP gets blacklisted, you can’t browse internet properly. As a result, many websites do not allow ‘blacklisted IP’ to access their server.

Similarly, E-mail server IP also gets blacklisted and it is very common. And, if it happens, you will see problems with email delivery.

The procedures to remove IP from blacklist:

At first, we need to check IP reputation from blacklist check site. Go to this website:

The blacklist check will test an IP address against over 100 DNS based blacklists. (Commonly called Realtime blacklist, DNSBL or RBL)

Now go to blacklist tab. Put IP to check blacklist.

Check Blacklist
IP Listed in Barracuda

Now we will see how to remove it from blacklist. Click on the detail as above picture.

In here, you can see a URL link. This is where you will know the reason for listing.

Removal Request Link
  • Copy the link and open the URL in another tab.
  • Scroll down. Click on I am not robot.
  • Click this button – Lookup IP reputation.
Lookup IP reputation

Now fill up the required information, i.e. Suspected IP address, Email address and phone number. Give a valid explanation to remove IP from blacklist. After that, submit request.

Removal Request Submission

As per Barracuda Central Reputation System, they typically investigate and process removal request within 12 hours after submitting a valid reason for removal.



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