Repair Damaged/Corrupted USB Flash Disk


In this lesson, we will learn how to repair damaged or corrupted USB flash disk. What I mean by damaged or corrupted USB flash disk is, it at least detects in our system but we can’t open it. The error would say like ‘Your disk is corrupted’ or Write Protected. Or you will see the size of your 8GB/16GB USB disk is only 100MB in size or something close to this.

I got a 8GB USB disk but it is showing low capacity. It is showing only 200MB. If I format the disk, it is still showing the same size.

Showing Low Capacity

Here is how we can solve this:

In the search box, type ‘cmd’ and run it as administrator.

Type the following command:

  1. diskpart
  2. list disk
  3. select disk 2 [Depending your USB disk number]
  4. clean
Command Line

Now right click on start menu and select disk management. You will see your USB disk is unallocated.

Disk Management
  1. Right click on the unallocated disk and select New Simple Volume
  2. Click Next and keep the settings default

Now check the disk from windows explorer and you will see the disk size is back to its original 8GB in size.

This trick will help to recover the inaccessible or corrupted USB disk as well.


Video Tutorial:
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