Boost up WiFi router performance

Optimizing WiFi router performance is not very difficult if you use proper tools and guidelines. A tool that you can use on your Windows 10 PC or laptop to understand why your WiFi connection is giving so much trouble. I use a tool, it’s called Wifi Analyzer. It’s free tool. You can download it from Microsoft store.

Go to the Microsoft store. Type store in search box and click on Microsoft store from search result.

Now in the search box type ‘WiFi analyzer’. Click get and then install.

Open the app after you download the file. In here you will see which router your connected now, its signal strength, frequency channel, and channel width, which are important parameter. You can see your SSID, password encryption.

Now click on analyze. Here you can see how many WiFi router signals are around you. Click on channel count and see how crowded routers are in a particular channel. If you see your WiFi router signals are in a frequency channel where there are number of router signal exist, you will get degraded performance of your WiFi. You might think it’s your WiFi router problem but it’s not. Here is the tricky part. Always choose non-overlap frequency channel. So which channels are Non-Overlap frequency; They are 1, 6 and 11 frequency channel for 2.4GHz band WiFi. So you choose the one frequency channel where you see the number of router signals are less.

Now click on networks. You will see how far one router is from you by seeing signal strength. The higher the dBm, the less the strength is. If you click – show more, you can see their WiFi router model as well.

So first you change the frequency channel where you see there are less crowded signals exist and another thing you can change to get better performance from your router is to choose the channel width. Choose 20Mhz if you want your WiFI signal radius to cover maximum space. So now you can install this useful tool to your PC and boost up your WiFi router performance. It will definitely help you to increase your WiFi router performance.

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