How to Remove Adware Secure Search from Mozilla Firefox

What is Adware?

According to malwarebytes, Adware is a form of malware that hides on your device and serves you advertisements. Some adware also monitors your behavior online so it can target you with specific ads.”

Adware actually collects data from your online activities to give you specific ads. If it installed in your PC or laptop somehow, it will display unwanted ads, pop-up ads, change your browser’s homepage and search option. It could install spyware and bombard your browser with advertisements. It is very aggressive malicious advertisement software. So it is better to remove this malicious software.

So how do you know this adware is already installed in your PC or laptop?

First open your Mozilla firefox browser. Type something to search and press enter, it will redirect you to adware securesearch. It’s actually browser hijack tool. Take your all information and suggest you with ad that you search or talk about any product name. They could do more thing.

How do you remove it?

Let’s see how we can remove it.

  • Go to search box on Windows10.
  • Type control panel and press enter.
  • Select Programs – uninstall a program
  • Remove web companion.

Now go to your browser again. Check again with typing something to search. If it’s still showing follow the below steps:

  • Go to menu from your firefox browser.
  • Select Help then select Troubleshooting information.
  • Click the button- Refresh firefox.

If you complete up to this level, it should be solved.

But still It could exist on your add ons. Remove it, if it’s still showing there.

Open menu and go to Add-ons; Extensions and check if this adware is still showing there.

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